Cannabis Sustainability Symposium | 2016 Agenda
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2016 Agenda

2016 Agenda

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


2016 Speaker Bios


Bob McDonald, Director of Denver’s Department of Environmental Health, welcomes the speakers and attendees to the Symposium.

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Brad Queen

Nick Broderick

Neil Yorio

General Session: Energy Efficiency

Learn how to tackle high energy costs and enhance equipment performance in your facility.  How can you adjust your practices to reduce peak power demand?  Are LEDs getting better? Our panel of experts will answer your top questions and discuss their latest work.  Brad Queen with Cube Resources will present his findings from Boulder County’s energy pilot study.  Neil Yorio of BIOS Lighting and Nick Broderick with Sustainable Growth Technology will discuss the science and evolution of cannabis cultivation lighting. Moderated by Meg Collins, Vice President of Public Affairs for Good Chemistry.

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John Lea-Cox

Scott Reach

Michael Thomas

Breakout Session: Water & Wastewater

Learn the environmental and economic costs associated with various water application and filtration methods, and how new technologies can reduce your water and wastewater bills. John Lea-Cox of Systematic Sensing, LLC will demonstrate how automation can reduce consumption, eliminate errors and improve output and Scott Reach with RDI will explain the practicalities of implementing water recycling systems. Michael Thomas of Denver Water will put cannabis production in context with Colorado’s water challenges. Moderated by Kayvan Khalatbari, Founding Partner of Denver Relief Consulting and co-chair of the Cannabis Sustainability Work Group.

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Aaron Spindler

Grant Parsons

Breakout Session: Solid Waste

The majority of waste from cannabis businesses can be put to higher use than landfill. Learn how to manage the different waste streams at your facility while maintaining compliance and how advances in packaging design can reduce consumer waste. Grant Parsons of Alpine Waste & Recycling will explain how they are helping cannabis businesses across the Front Range divert waste from landfills while Aaron Spindler from L’Eagle Services will demonstrate their success in managing multiple waste streams , including operating a permitted on-site compost facility. Chris Giles from Sun-Grown packing will provide insight on their approach to designing completely recyclable, compostable and compliant packaging. Moderated by Janet Burgesser, Program Manager of Certifiably Green Denver.


Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms, will draw on years of experience as an alternative farmer to inspire and engage attendees.

Breakout Session: Integrated Pest Management

Protect your crops with advanced pest management techniques. Learn the best ways to design your pest management program to prevent vectors, fungi, and and unwanted bacteria from invading your facility. Whitney Cranshaw of Colorado State University will share his expertise on insect and mite management, Josh Malman of the Clinic will share the challenges and solutions they have faced as a large facility, Amanda Terry with the Colorado Department of Agriculture will explain legal pesticide options and J. Chandler of urban-gro will provide practical goals and strategies that can be implemented immediately. Moderated by Amy Tancig-Andrle, owner of L’Eagle Services.

Breakout Session: Community Engagement

Build a better company by developing respectful and positive dialogue with community members, local nonprofits, government and your employees. John-Paul Maxfield of Waste Farmers will demonstrate how your business can be a force for good through the B-Corp model and Kayvan Khalatbari of Denver Relief Consulting will describe his unique approach to community engagement across multiple businesses and a grassroots volunteer effort, Green Team. Kelly Perez will address how the Kind Colorado Foundation is working to improve community health by facilitating industry giving, outreach and partnerships. Moderated by Ricardo Baca, founder and editor of The Cannabist.

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Katie Wallace

Jacob Policzer

General Session: Design for Sustainability

Set yourself up for success. Learn how holistic design and environmental management can improve your organization’s overall sustainability. Katie Wallace, Assistant Director of Sustainability for New Belgium Brewing, will describe the pioneering craft brewer’s sustainability approach and Jacob Policzer of the Cannabis Conservancy will provide a case study on green approaches to cannabis business management. Moderated by John-Paul Maxfield, founder of Waste Farmers and Batch:64.

Closing Remarks

Ashley Kilroy, Director of Denver’s Office of Marijuana Policy, will conclude the Symposium.

Happy Hour Reception

Join attendees and panelists for a casual gathering at The Alliance Center for further discussion and networking.