Cannabis Sustainability Symposium | 2018 Agenda
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2018 Agenda

Friday, October 26

8:00 – 9:00 AM

Registration & Check-in

Capitol Foyer

Check in for the Symposium

9:00 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Capitol 1-4

9:15 – 10:00 AM

Featured Speaker: Sustainability Lessons from the Craft Brewing Industry

Capitol 1-4

John Stier, Sustainability Mentor, Brewer's Association

10:15 –  11:30 AM

Grams Per Kilowatt-Hour: Energy Monitoring for Reliable Data

Do you know how much energy you used to grow a pound of flower? Getting accurate energy metrics can be a challenge, but new energy monitoring methods are producing reliable data to help us all better understand the impacts.

Capitol 5

  • Brad Queen, Energy Analyst, Cube Resources
  • Joe Sullivan, Head of Grower Partnerships & Energy Technologies, Cultivate Energy Optimization, LLC
Managing Carbon and Air Quality Impacts

Emissions from cannabis operations contribute to significant environmental outcomes. Learn how to reduce your facility’s impact on air quality and climate.

Capitol 6

  • Kaitlin Urso, Small Business Environmental Consultant, Colorado Department Of Public Health and Environment
  • Angie Fyfe, Resource Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program Director, ICLEI USA
  • Jacob Mitchell, President, Sustainabis
Controlling Pests and Feeding Plants: Innovative Solutions for Soil and Plant Health

Introducing beneficial microbes and innovative pest control techniques create opportunities for safer, bigger plant growth. Learn how from the experts in this interactive session.

Capitol 7

  • Casey Connell, Owner, Contender Gardens
  • Colin Bell, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Growcentia
  • Daniel Peck, Entomologist and Biological Program Manager, BioWorks
High-Tech Cultivation: Maximizing Water and Power Use with Data

New lighting, automation and sensor technologies are changing the way operators grow. Scientists behind these cutting-edge tools will explain how they work, and Jesse Peters will share his experience using them at EcoFirma Farms.

Mineral Hall ABC

  • Jesse Peters, CEO, EcoFirma Farms
  • Cale Winters, Co-Founder, Sales & Engineering, Rhythm CSS
  • Santosh Balakrishnan, Lush Sensor
  • Dave Spillman, VP Product Development, ProGrowTech

11:45 AM –  1:00 PM

Free Money: How to Improve Energy Efficiency and Earn Rebates

Looking to upgrade your lighting or HVAC systems to save energy? Don’t leave free money on the table – utility rebate programs can help save on costs, experts will explain how.

Capitol 5

  • Damien Markiewicz, Head of Cannabis Energy Management Programs, Cultivate Energy Optimization, LLC
  • Bob Gunn, CEO, Seinergy
  • Jacob Schlesinger, Partner, Keyes and Fox
Packaging: Creating Efficiencies and Reducing Negative Impacts

The way we think about sustainability, disposable products, and waste recovery needs to evolve. Learn how the cannabis industry can start on the journey to a circular economy by transforming a product with which we all interact – packaging.

Capitol 6

  • Ron Basak-Smith, CEO, Sana Packaging
  • Laura Davis, Public Health Protection Administrator, City & County of Broomfield
  • Melinda Kadinger, Chief Compliance Officer, Smokey’s
Facility Maintenance: Safer, More Effective Cleaning and Waste Disposal

Keeping your facility clean and compliant is a major task. Learn about the new tools and regulatory changes that can help your business maintain sanitation and reduce waste sent to landfills.

Capitol 7

  • Glen Finkel, President, PUREti
  • Garret Rodewald, COO, Gaiaca
  • Stephen Martin, CEO and Founder, Redfield Proctor
  • Cindy Sovine Miller, President & CEO, Sovine Consulting
Growing with Sunlight

What’s the best method of harnessing the sun’s power to grow cannabis? Experts in outdoor cultivation, greenhouses, and indoor cultivation with Solatubes will engage in a lively debate for you to judge.

Mineral Hall ABC

  • Josh Holleb, Project Manager / Sales Engineer, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions
  • Jonathan Cachat, Co-Founder & CTO, Sun Grown Zero
  • Rob Trotter, Owner, Pot Zero

1:00 – 2:00 PM


Capitol 1-4

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Keynote (to be announced)

Capitol 1-4

3:15 PM –  4:30 PM

Alternative Energy Options

This session will explore opportunities to improve your business’ carbon footprint through renewable and alternative energy sources, while taking a practical approach to the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

Capitol 5

  • Charlie Wilde, Solar Energy and EV Advocate, Ecology Solar
  • John Shaw, Commercial Solar Project Developer, Namaste Solar
  • Tom Hawes, Senior Director, Enterprise Sales, Centrica Business Solutions
Mastering Your Mechanical System for Optimal Growth

Environmental control is one of the biggest concerns for any cannabis cultivation operation. Learn how to increase product consistency and quality while maximizing your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Capitol 6

  • Brandy Keen, Co-Founder and Senior Technical Advisor, Surna
  • Devin Cooley, President & COO, SunTrac USA
Extraction: Understanding and Controlling Environmental Concerns

Extraction equipment and infused product manufacturing present environmental challenges unique from other cannabis businesses. Experts in extraction management and equipment will explain how to prevent costly environmental and safety mistakes.

Capitol 7

  • Thuy Vu, Founder and CEO, Thuy Vu Consulting
  • Eric Vlosky, Director of Marketing, Pure Pressure
  • Aaron Furman, Sales Business Development, IES
How Corporate Social Responsibility in Cannabis Can Repair Harms of the War on Drugs

How can cannabis businesses contribute to sustainability, community engagement, and repair? This panel will consider those questions and dig into recent examples of success and failure in the world of cannabis CSR.

Mineral Hall ABC

  • Adam Vine, Co-Founder, Cage Free Cannabis
  • Kelly Perez, CEO & Founder, KindColorado
  • Rosalie Flores, Brand Ambassador, Verra Wellness
  • Art Way, State Director, Colorado, Drug Policy Alliance
  • James Gould, Board of Directors, SSDP; Founder, CanIExpunge

4:45 – 6:30 PM

Closing Reception

Capitol 1-4